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Weather forecast for tomorrow

Weather forecast
Villavicencio, Colombia


29°C / 20°C
  • Wind: 11 km/h S
  • Humidity: 72%
  • Precip. probability: 70%
  • Precipitation: 9 mm
  • UV index: 11
Thunderstorms. Highs 28 to 30C and lows 19 to 21C.
06:00 -05
  • 22°C
  • Feels like: 22°C
  • Wind: 3 km/h NW
  • Humidity: 85%
  • Dewpoint: 19°C
  • Pressure: 1014.9 mbar
  • Precipitation: 0 mm
  • Visibility: 13 km
  • UV index: 0
  • 25°C
  • Wind: 4 km/h NNE
  • Precip. probability: 14%
  • 26°C
  • Wind: 6 km/h SE
  • Precip. probability: 16%
  • 28°C
Isolated Thunderstorms
Isolated Thunderstorms
  • Wind: 10 km/h SSE
  • Precip. probability: 31%
  • 29°C
Scattered Thunderstorms
Scattered Thunderstorms
  • Wind: 11 km/h SSE
  • Precip. probability: 53%
  • 27°C
  • Wind: 10 km/h S
  • Precip. probability: 71%
Sunset: 17:49
  • 25°C
  • Wind: 7 km/h W
  • Precip. probability: 74%
  • 23°C
  • Wind: 4 km/h NW
  • Precip. probability: 72%
  • 23°C
  • Wind: 4 km/h NW
  • Precip. probability: 67%
Villavicencio is a moderately-sized municipal region and a city that serves as the capital city of the department of Meta in Colombia. It is located in the southeastern part of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, right on the Guatiquia River. Its location at the point where the Andes meet the Los Llanos plains has made it a vibrant tourist spot for years now.
Villavicencio is a significant commercial and tourist hub within the Llanos Orientales and is fondly referred to as 'Villavo la Bella,' not only because of its location but also because of its fantastic weather and magnificent, scenic surroundings.
Villavicencio is attractive in the stunning fountains that cool the Liberators Park, which is the main square hosting the famous nineteenth-century Our Lady of Carmen Cathedral. The nearby Founders Park has friendly activities fit for the whole family and is set within scenic grounds with a towering iconic sculpture gracing its midst. More fun can be accessed at the close by Malocas Park, which is home to a vast cattle ranch that is among the most visited spots in Villavicencio.

When to visit Villavicencio

Villavicencio experiences a climate that is typical of the tropical rainforest climate of Köppen climatic classification Af. The weather is characterized by moderately steady temperature ranges throughout the year. There are periodic humid days, but mostly the days receive cool breezes at night, thanks to the location of Villavicencio at the foot of the sprawling Andes.
There are two main seasons in Villavicencio; the wet season and the dry season.
The dry seasons runs from December through February, although Villavicencio still receives moderate rainfall. January is the driest month with 63.1mm (2.5") in precipitation and up to nine rainy days on average. December receives 186.3mm (7.3") of rainfall, and February receives 132.3mm (5.2").
The wet season is long, lasting from March through November. The season receives rainfall measuring not less than 400mm (15.7") per month. The rainiest month is May when the rain gauge gathers approximately 673.8mm (26.5") of precipitation from twenty-seven rainfall days. The season might come with a few weather-related hazards like thunderstorms and light flooding, and visitors are warned accordingly. Cold nights are rare; Villavicencio remains mild and tolerable.
Villavicencio is an all-year-round travel destination, thanks to its lovely tropical climate. It enjoys pleasant weather that is devoid of sweltering days and extremely chilly days, priding in a moderately steady temperature all year round. Most of the tourists arrive between December and January, during the dry season that stretches between December and February. This period has warm and tolerable weather, on top of moderately dry days, to allow for an excellent time to tour the city's best spots.
Many events are held in Villavicencio that attract a lot of fun and attendance. One of them is the famous Joropo Tournament that is held between June and July, which sees big turn-outs in the local Joropo Dance, a dance that is typical and unique to Villavicencio. Beauty contests, dance shows, music concerts, and horseback shows are presented to wow the public. Another one is the enchanting Encuentro Mundial de Coleo Festival, which is held in October. The event attracts numerous cowboys engaging in intriguing competitions featuring the rodeo-themed activities.
  • de: Villavicencio, Kolumbien
  • en: Villavicencio, Colombia
  • es: Villavicencio, Colombia
  • ru: Виллависенсио, Колумбия
  • sr: Viljavisensio, Kolumbija
  • zh: 比亚维森西奥, 哥伦比亚
  • Latitude: 4.151382°
  • Longitude: -73.637690°
  • Elevation: 473 m
  • Current time: 06:15 -05
  • Sunrise: 05:43 -05
  • Sunset: 17:49 -05
  • Timezone: America/Bogota
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